60 Years.
and timeless.

This year, MINI turns 60.
A classic the minute it was introduced to the world,
MINI remains one of the few cars to bridge the gap between pop and cult, beloved by people across classes and cultures. Through its many incarnations, one thing stayed constant: the signature MINI go-kart handling which has thrilled generations of drivers
— and more to come.

an icon

is born

England, post-World War II.
Amidst a fuel shortage brought about by the Suez Crisis, Sir Alec Issigonis first sketched out the Mini on a piece of napkin. In an era dominated by large, gas-guzzling vehicles, the Mini would go on to shake up the British automotive industry.


It was a car like nothing the world had ever seen.


Officially launched on 26 August 1959, the Mini made history with its game-changing design innovations: wheels pushed all the way towards the corners and an engine that was turned sideways.

These created an
interior much more roomy than its compact exterior suggested, coupled with unparalleled manoeuvrability.

"The public don't know what they want; it's my job to tell them."


The spirit of the streets

Fun and nimble, the Mini was a unique combination of British style, affordability and compact size. People saw not just a car, but a symbol of independence and spontaneity very much in keeping with the spirit of the times. It was a hit with literally everyone, from the man in the street to rock stars and royalty.


Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret,
and young Lord Linley

The Beatles



A more powerful engine, bigger brakes and a couple of tuning tweaks — at the hands of racing legend John Cooper, the Mini gained a reputation as a giant killer.

Winning numerous races, including three wins at the Rallye Monte-Carlo, the legacy lives on today in the new MINI John Cooper Works.

Six years after its debut, Mini celebrated the roll-out of its millionth car the same year that Singapore separated from Malaysia to become an independent and sovereign state.

The 190,000th Mini of the year was sold to a Singapore buyer. To mark the occasion, a representative from BMC’s Scotland plant was flown in to present the keys of the car.



The Mini burst onto the silver screen with “The Italian Job” and its audacious car chase scenes. The movie was remade 34 years later starring the new MINI.

Singapore's very own “Queen of Speed”, Anne Wong Holloway, became the first woman to win the Macau Grand Prix. She was driving the Mini Cooper S.



The five millionth Mini
went into production,
making it by far the
most-sold British
car in the world.


First broadcast in the UK on 1 January 1990, Mr Bean and his trusty sidekick Mini were an inseparable pair.

Paul Smith

Kate Moss

Natasha Caine

Celebrities were invited to design their own Mini, giving birth to the iconic striped Paul Smith Mini, the Jamiromini by Jamiroquai, and other designer editions by David Bowie, Kate Moss, Natasha Caine and Mark Ward.

dawn of

a new era

As the final few classic Mini rolled off the production line, crowds gathered at the Paris Auto Show to catch a glimpse of the new MINI. While sporting a fresh new look and a healthy dose of automotive steroids, it was nonetheless obvious that the new MINI stayed true to the distinctive design and personality of the classic Mini.

meet the family

Since then, the MINI family has grown both in range and size to comprise the MINI 3 Door and MINI 5 Door, the MINI Countryman, along with the MINI Convertible. MINI lovers with changing lifestyle needs and preferences could all enjoy that exhilarating, go-kart feeling.

fast forward

Never one to stand still, the MINI brand identity was reimagined to be more modern and graphic.

The launch of the new MINI Clubman marked this shift and heralded a generation of cars that boast design, technology and fun in equal measures.


Sporting a commemorative 60 Years livery against the brand new British Racing Green together with a slew of exclusive features, the MINI 60 Years Edition pays homage to MINI’s rich heritage even as we look towards the future.